Fujii Review: Promising VR game with amazing nature

Fujii is nothing not exactly endearingly healthy and unthinkably charming. Its concise meander through blustery scenes feels plume light and anxious to amuse every step of the way. Furthermore, however I regularly stopped to wonder about the miracles of its outsider vegetation, I can’t resist the urge to wish designer Funktronic Labs had sunk its hands somewhat more profound into the virtual mud of its energetic nurseries.

This is part extraordinary nature trek, part planting sim. A significant part of the time, you’ll be gallivanting through one of the piece’s three biomes, arousing untamed life by spreading light through the world, opening bolted entryways with gathered spheres and get-together seeds. At that point, in a center point world, you can plant those seeds in pots, water them and purchase all the more utilizing remaining spheres. After some time, well-thought about plants grow more spheres, compensating return visits and development.

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