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A full upper body haptic feedback system for virtual reality – put it on, and you can feel virtual reality on your hands, arms and chest.


Putting on a virtual reality headset should be more than just a novel way to view a screen. Touch feedback allows you to immerse yourself more in virtual reality and manipulate it in different and powerful ways.

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Awards and Recognition

Microsoft Imagine Cup

National Finalist, 2015

Y Combinator

Y Combinator Fellowship – 2015

University of Rochester, Simon Business School

First place, Forbes Business Plan Competition (2015) Second place, Mark Ain Business Model Competition (2015) Most Promising Commercial Application, Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences, 2015

National Science Foundation

NSF Innovation Corps Grant Awardee

Intel-Cornell Cup

3rd Place, 2015 Finalist, 2014

Digital Rochester GREAT Awards

Winner, Student Achievement Award, 2015